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Seth Tuckerman

Co-Founder & President

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My Story

My career started with 16 years at multinational processed-food companies that included brands like Quaker Oats, Nestle, and Gerber. While I am grateful for the experience these Fortune 500 brands provided, I realized that I want to focus on the larger mission of helping end the global crisis of obesity by developing healthier products and programs.


About 14 years ago, I began working with companies like Beachbody and UnitedHealth Group to help people become the best versions of themselves. Developing best-in-class, evidence-based programs that hold the promise of someday ending the obesity crisis and its comorbidities speaks to my heart. My mission is a personal one because many of my family members have suffered and died from complications related to obesity and its devastating impact on quality of life and longevity.

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