FULLFILL is a Story of Serendipity

We set out to create a next-generation diabetes and obesity prevention program that would double the results of the current best-in-class.


We did that, and in the process, we discovered a solution for keeping employees happy, engaged, and fulfilled with their lives and careers.


The bottom line—you get higher retention and more positive energy from your people, and the program is 100% covered by your health insurance.

About Us

Our backgrounds run the gamut from start-ups to Fortune 10 companies, and we’ve come to realize our collective calling is to help people live happier and healthier lives. It is our passion to help and our mission to make a real and measurable difference. We are a diverse group that values the inclusion of many viewpoints and experiences because that is how solutions are discovered and implemented.


FULLFILL is the culmination of our life’s work in health and wellness. We have big dreams: that people around the world will join the FULLFILL revolution. We set people up for positive breakthroughs in their health, mindset, and overall well-being. This leads to people who are happier, employees who are healthier and more productive, and companies that don’t have to face the same challenges of retaining talent. Our goal is to make life feel more promising, purposeful, and inspiring: in a word, more fullfilling.

Our Team

Steve Winshel
CEO & Co-Founder

I'm a serial entrepreneur and have been for my entire career, despite being trained as a cognitive scientist (B.A. Stanford, Ph.D. Princeton). My motivation has always been to solve problems—the more difficult they are and the more people they affect, the better. In recent years, my focus has shifted to helping people embrace healthier lifestyles, and I served as the CIO of Beachbody with that goal in mind. I subsequently started Real Appeal with my co-founder Seth, through which we directly battled obesity and its comorbidities.


We created FULLFILL because we had an even better idea that we believe can help tens of millions of people lead healthier and happier lives—all while saving the country massive amounts of money in healthcare costs. We're on that path now and will not stop and will not stop until we have achieved this goal. On the side, I write novels because everyone needs an occasional break from work.

Kris Hozian
Chief Operating Officer

I've spent the better part of my 20+ year career focusing on making healthcare more accessible and affordable, and have had the privilege of building operations from the ground up at UnitedHealth Group, namely Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance, Real Appeal, and Rally Health.

As someone who has struggled with my weight most of my life, I appreciate the humanity of the journey. I'm incredibly excited to be a part of this team of like-minded individuals—bringing forth a kinder, gentler whole-person program to everyone who needs it.

On the side, I love exploring the Colorado outdoors with my wife, LaToya, and our two corgis, Lala and Storm.

Seth Tuckerman_BW_edited.jpg
Seth Tuckerman
President & Co-Founder

My career started with 16 years at multinational processed-food companies that included brands like Quaker Oats, Nestle, and Gerber. While I am grateful for the experience these Fortune 500 brands provided, I realized that I want to focus on the larger mission of helping end the global crisis of obesity by developing healthier products and programs.

About 14 years ago, I began working with companies like Beachbody and UnitedHealth Group to help people become the best versions of themselves. Developing best-in-class, evidence-based programs that hold the promise of someday ending the obesity crisis and its comorbidities speaks to my heart. My mission is a personal one because many of my family members have suffered and died from complications related to obesity and its devastating impact on quality of life and longevity.

Lauren Murphy
SVP, Product & Marketing

I've spent the past 20 years in all aspects of direct marketing, program and content development, and brand building across the beauty, health, fitness, and wellness industries. I've had the pleasure of driving strategy and helping scale national brands such as Beachbody, Zumba, Richard Simmons, and Winsor Pilates across multiple platforms. Most recently, I served as SVP of Development at Real Appeal, a start-up funded by UnitedHealth GroupVentures that grew to $100 million in just over two years. when Seth and Steve, the co-founders of FULLFILL, asked me to come on board, I jumped at the opportunity. Working to help people uncover and discard the limiting beliefs that keep them from feeling and living at their healthiest, both inside and out, is a mission I am devoted to and passionate about. I know FUILLFILL can transform lives.


I am committed to health and wellbeing in my own life as a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, Pilates devotee, and lover of long hikes. 

Rachel Levett
Director of Coaching

I've spent my professional career seeking to help people improve their health. At first, this was by pursuing my undergraduate degree in pharmacy. However, I soon realized I wanted to prevent the need for the myriad of medications I saw my patrons taking to maintain their quality of life. I recognized the need for preventive health education with the support of a skilled advocate. While working as a Health and Wellness Coach at Real Appeal, I had the great pleasure of honing and developing my coaching, leadership, and growth strategy skills. When I was invited to do it all over again with the same core team, I did not hesitate. Empowering others to shift their thinking around how they view themselves and what they deserve is the most rewarding part of my career, and helping to impart health, happiness, and confidence in our members is why I get up in the morning. 

I work on wellness and balance in my own life by spending time moving and exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina, meditating to create space, and seeking connection with my family—both furry and otherwise.