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Rachel Levett

Director of Coaching

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My Story

I've spent my professional career seeking to help people improve their health. At first, this was by pursuing my undergraduate degree in pharmacy. However, I soon realized I wanted to prevent the need for the myriad of medications I saw my patrons taking to maintain their quality of life. I recognized the need for preventive health education with the support of a skilled advocate.


While working as a Health and Wellness Coach at Real Appeal, I had the great pleasure of honing and developing my coaching, leadership, and growth strategy skills. When I was invited to do it all over again with the same core team, I did not hesitate. Empowering others to shift their thinking around how they view themselves and what they deserve is the most rewarding part of my career. Helping to impart health, happiness, and confidence in our members is why I get up in the morning. ​


I work on wellness and balance in my own life by spending time exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina, meditating to create space, and seeking connection with my family—both furry and otherwise.

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